A leaf from the personal diary of a client: Damian Trevor

Damian Trevor always says, “Every constructor knows how to construct but only the best one adds their edge in the project and offers something with a personal and unique touch”.  Well following the same he always tries to be the part of the construction projects of his firm in one or the other way.

One of the projects which he recently completed belonged to the family of four; a husband, wife and two little girls. This people shared their personal experience of the construction with us and it was pretty overwhelming so we thought about sharing some glimpse of the letter they send to us. The letter is in their words.

“Today we choose Damian Trevor for our home building project and the reason for choosing them is the dream which they created in our minds. They have vision, creativity and a feel of personal touch in their ideas.”

“Today they showed us the whole blue print of the home they are going to build for us. The blue print itself took out heart away and we are eager to so the process going forward. Let’s hope the hope is just like the blue print and guys said it will be better than that. They said the home looks simple before looking marvelous and we trust their statement.”

“So the stepping stone for the home building is put down in our plot and each day will add few more stones to make it our dream home.”

“Both the girls are small; hence everything looks fascinating to them. Now the workers have started pouring concrete on floor and the kids love the act. They even started jumping here and there, we thought it will hamper the workers pace but they were so cooperative that they kept the girls away from danger zone and work around us that too without losing a single smile.”

“Damian Trevor visited the site today to check on the progress and the girls hugged him for the beautiful home he is making for them, he smiled and politely acknowledged their feedback and asked them if they need any addition well he opened the gates of dam. As the girls started asking him loads of stuff, once they were over he asked us whether we want those changes, well some of the ideas were pretty good but our budget was already crossed. Don’t know how he understood and said let me see how can we do that in the same budget and let us relaxed.”

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