Damian Trevor

Damian Trevor was introduced with the domain of construction industry while working with a private equity group in Southern California. It is appropriately said that wisdom, experience and profound knowledge is developed within personality after cooperating and coordinating with others. Damian has worked closely with general contractors, sub-contractors, architects thus ensuring completion of projects without missing the deadline. Damian Trevor understands that aspect of budget and punctuality should be never overlooked.  The entire team of Damian primarily understands the actual requirement of client and adhere with best standards to accomplish goals.  “The aspects and priorities of customers should be never sidelined.” The team of Damian works with this tagline.

It is a very challenging task to understand client’s perspective and then accordingly deliver the results. Damian Trevor and his entire team persistently enjoys the support of clients on all level. This dynamic leader has formed pristine reputation for completing projects without missing the deadline. The entire team of Team Sun Construction has managed to create high standard excellence in Southern California. Damian Trevor and Team Sun Construction has managed to arrange for all required resources under one roof thus giving seamless touch to every concept. As a reputed player of construction industry, Damian is familiar with relevant tactics, he personally monitors the status of projects and administers several key things.

Damian never looked back after completing his graduation from the Pennsylvania State University in 1995. By the time, he had already developed profound passion for the Real Estate and construction industry. He is a bachelor of Science. Damian Trevor has previously worked with contractors, sub-contractors and architects. He has crafted unique reputation for working with various levels and thus delivering results of the highest quality. The entire team of Damian Trevor leaves no stone unturned when it comes to accomplishment of results. In fact, Damian personally gets involved into associated matters thus ensuring satisfaction of clients.

The enthusiasm with which Team Sun Construction initiates a project has always drawn lauding. The commercial and residential projects accomplished by the team of Damian Trevor are true masterpieces. His expert team has refurbished many projects, many of which were built in lapel of nature with amazing views.  Damian Trevor has redefined modern architecture without sidelining the aspect of convenience.  He and his entire team keeps focus on delivery of results while adhering with all rules and regulation. Damian has interest in tennis, athletics interest, boxing and other sports.